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True Online UPS Systems
True on-line operation
Double conversion with GALVANIC ISOLATION
High frequency PWM IGBT/ MOSFET technology ensure lower switching losses
Support critical load even under chronic brown  out condition without discharging battery
Digitally processed sine wave
Pulse With Modulation (PWM) technique helps to generate sine wave forms of very less harmonic distortion.
Unique wave form correction circuitries ensures perfect sine wave even with non linear loads.
Low acoustic noise 
Soft start 
Fast transient response
High efficiency & Low harmonic distortion
Easy installation & service spares easily available.
User friendly front panel.
Technical Specification 
Input parameters
Input voltage : 160-280 VAC
Input frequency     : 47Hz-53Hz
Soft start power walk in 30 second
Out put parameters 
Capacity : 1 KVA-10KVA (single phase)/10KVA - 100 KVA(Three Phase)
Output Voltage    : 230 ± 1% (settable b/w 220 to 240)
Output frequency : 50Hz ± 0.5%
 Load power factor : 0.8 lag to unity
Output voltage regulation with 100% linear load : 0.01
Recovery time to regulation band : 30 mili second
Other parameters
Inverter Efficiency : 0.9
Wave form : pure sine wave
Harmonic distortion : <3%
Crest Factor : 0.125694444
Over load : 130% for 10 mili sec , 110% for 10 Minutes
Mains INV Float Battery Low
Over Load AC Under AC Over  
Over load Short Circuit
Over charge Battery Low
O/P over/under voltage
Metering Option: 
O/P Voltage O/P Current
O/P Frequency (optional) Battery Voltage (optional)
Battery Current (optional)
  • Battery Voltage : 24 V / 48v/72v/96V/120v/144v/180v/240v
  • Back up Time : As per customer requirement
  • Type of Battery : S.M.F./Tubular/Automotive/Low maintenance
Environmental Parameters
Operating Temp. : 0 to 45°C
Humidity : 0 to 95% (non condensing)
Digital bar Graphic Indicator : Load level , battery level
Bye pass  : Manual bypass - Rotary switch
Automatic - Static bypass switch (Integrated thyrister switch)  
Interface : RS 232 pin type       
Accessories : Battery racks, Software for interface.
Physical Size 
Capacity H. * W. * D.
5KVA 750 * 380 * 565
  • Personal / Mini /Main- Frame Commuters
  • Process - Control / Analytical Instruments
  • Telecommunication Equipment.
  • Automatic Weighing Machines.
  • Medical Equipments
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